NSS Convention ~ July 25-30, 2021

Cave Trips at the 2021 Convention

Organized by the Shasta Area Grotto of the NSS

The National Speleological Society's Shasta Area Grotto is leading the organization of all cave trips during the 2021 convention. So far, they've identified 52 caves that will offer a wide array of experiences for cavers of all skill levels. Trips will be available to both lava tube caves and many of the region's limestone caves. Some trips will be guided, but many will be self-led.

The grotto will staff a full-scale trip and decon booth each day of the convention. Our current plan is to run trips from June 28-July 3. Since our closing weekend is the 4th of July holiday, our host venue at College of the Siskiyous has offered to allow cavers to remain in the campground through the holiday weekend. Please plan to visit the grotto's booth for full information about their trip schedules, and for directions to the self-guided caves.

We also encourage cavers to stop by Lava Beds National Monumnet. If you're new to lava caving - or if you have decades of experience - this park should be on your trip list! At last count, the park has recorded over 850 caves - with frequent new discoveries.

As per NSS policy, cave names and locations will not be published on this website. You must register for the convention and stop by the grotto's trips booth for further details. The few exceptions to this rule include Pluto's Cave and the caves on the loop road at Lava Beds National Monument. These are all well-known and frequently visited by the general public.

Limestone cave
Ice cave
Rock art
Lava tube cave
Limestone cave