NSS Convention ~ July 25-30, 2021


While we admit to a certain bias, cavers of Northern California enjoy some of the most stunning landscapes on the continent. From the rugged dominance of our Cascade Volcanoes to the scenic beauty of Lava Beds National Monument and the Medicine Lake Highlands, this place offers something for everyone!

The 2021 convention team is busy planning an array of exciting cave trips and other excursions for your enjoyment during your visit to Weed. Keep checking this section as more events get added over the coming months.

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WNS Decon Protocols

Covid-19 serves as a classic example of how quickly microorganisms can spread. In compliance with federal protocols, and in an over-abundance of caution, the annual NSS Convention will adhere to decontamination protocols as defined by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Pre-Convention Geology Trip

This field trip will begin with a brief visit to study the bedrock of the Klamath Mountains and then explore the differences between the eruptive characters of Mount Shasta and the Medicine Lake Volcano and explore how these differences affect the hazards the volcanoes pose to nearby communities.

Cave Trips!

Shasta Area Grotto is leading the organization of all cave trips during the 2021 convention. So far, they've identified 52 caves that will offer a wide array of experiences for cavers of all skill levels. Trips will be available to both lava tube caves and many of the region's limestone caves. Some trips will be guided, but many will be self-led.

Mid-Week Geology Field Trip

To the south and west of Weed, California, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are the remnants of coral islands from a Paleozoic ocean. In fact, they predate the geologically recent volcanic landscape by about 250 million years. Ages of tectonic shift slowly scraped those ancient islands off the seafloor and accreted them to the North American Plate. If you need a heavy dose of limestone geology during your convention week, here it is.

4WD Rally the Volcano!

Tune up your 4WD, load the ice chest, grab a few of your best caver friends, and join our rally around the fourteen-thousand foot Mount Shasta Volcano! We're not completely sure what day this will happen yet - might be Friday, might be Saturday - but it's certain to be a fun time. The rally will begin and end at College of the Siskiyous.

Microbiology Field Camp

Have you ever felt like the cave walls are watching you, or perhaps wondered what might live on those walls? Come join Diana Northup and Penny Boston to learn about the amazing microbial life that lives on the walls of the caves in Lava Beds National Monument!