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ADA & Mobility Notes for our Convention Guests

In almost all instances, the City of Weed and College of the Siskiyous will be easily navigated by our caver friends with limited mobility. Sessions and programs will be held in buildings with either access ramps or lifts to assist you. There are a couple exceptions, however, and we'd like to point them out before they become problems.

As always, if the 2021 convention may be of any assistance, please contact one of our security team or registration staff. We want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible!

Campground Access

The convention campground is mostly level, but it's covered by a bed of pine needles that might prove difficult for wheelchairs or walkers. Beyond camping, no convention events are planned for this location.

Dorm bathroom at College of the Siskiyous

College of the Siskiyous features two lodge-style dormitories. Rooms include twin beds with mattresses, desks, closets and dedicated heating and air-conditioning units. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come basis. The first floor of each dorm is ADA accessible. Photo by Betty Farfan, Southern California Grotto.

Dormitory Access

The college dorms will be easily navigated, but only on the first floor. The buildings are old enough that they do not have lifts to the second floor. If you opt to stay in the dorms, please make a note on your registration form that you require a room on the first floor. Bathrooms and showers are equiped with handrails - both in the dorms and in the gym.

Geology Field Trip #1 (Sunday)

Most stops on this trip only require limited walking over short and level distances. One stop, however, requires a 1/4 mile round-trip hike on uneven ground. The convention team has arranged for a few ATVs to assist our mobility-impaired cavers that wish to participate. Don't let this hike stop you - we'll get you out & back safely! The hike takes you out to a stunning volcanic cinder cone that has been road-cut by an historic quarry. It's definitely worth seeing.

Geology Field Trip #2 (Thursday)

This geology field trip is designed for agile cavers and likely not suited for the mobility-impaired. While no technical skills are required, participants should expect an excessive amount of walking. Stairs in Lake Shasta Caverns have over 600 steps required to visit the cave. Although you are welcome to join this trip, some of the stops along the way might not be be navigable.

ASL Interpretation

At this time, the convention is not planning to offer ASL interpretive services. If you are in need of this service, please let us know and we will explore our options.

Lava Beds Visitor Center

Lava Beds National Monument is a world-class park and a favorite of cavers in the west. Photo by Matt Bowers, NSS.

Lava Beds National Monument

The parking lot at the visitor center has a gently sloping paved approach, and two accessible parking spots large enough for van access. Outside the visitor center you'll find accessible restrooms and drinking fountains. Inside the center you can explore the museum, peruse the bookstore, and watch the park video. The museum has multiple touch exhibits about the natural and cultural features of the park. Upon request, they also have a close-captioned version of the park film and a script available.

Unfortunately, there are no developed caves in the park accessible by wheelchair. Some surface trails, however, allow views of the entrances and partial interiors of the caves. You are encouraged to ask at the visitor center for additional details.