NSS Convention ~ July 25-30, 2021

Photo: Carol Vesely, NSS

Survey & Cartography

This session includes presentations on a variety of topics of interest to cave surveyors including drafting techniques and software, survey tips, new surveying instruments and data management programs.

The Survey & Cartography Section (SACS) is an internal organization of the NSS whose purpose it is to improve the state of cave documentation and survey, cave data manipulation, and all forms of cave cartography.

SACS is made up of a diverse group of cavers who are interested in sharing ideas, technology and opinions on the science and art of producing digital and traditional cave maps, on methods of cave data collection and reduction, and for improving the digital manipulation and representation of cave survey data. Anyone interested in cave mapping and cartography is welcome to join.

During convention week, the section holds an annual meeting, a survey and cartography session, and a cartographic salon. Section business is conducted at the annual meeting. Papers, presentations, and discussions are featured at the convention session and the cartographic salon is an exhibit of traditional and digital cave maps which feature the best work of national and international cartographers.

Session Details

Session Moderator

Carol Vesely

Southern California Grotto, NSS

Call For Abstracts:

Opens: Thursday, May 20, 2021
Closes: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Session Moderators:

Carol Vesely
Email: cavesely@gmail.com


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Student Scientists:

The James G. Mitchell Fund was established in 1965 and is maintained by contributions to the National Speleological Foundation. This award includes a cash award for the best scientific paper presented at the NSS Convention by a student member (or members) of the society. Eligible papers shall be judged by an interdisciplinary panel appointed by the Mitchell Award sub-committee chair. For consideration, contact sub-committee chair, Dr. Kathy Lavoie at award-mitchell@caves.org.