NSS Convention ~ July 25-30, 2021

Photo: Simon Lewis, Creative Commons, Flickr

Cave Diving

Coming back from a dive or a dry cave trip with empty reels and full survey books is the goal of every explorer. Exploration is driven by the excitement to go where no person has been before- to see new places, to find new animals, the hope that the exploration will continue, no matter how logistically difficult.

This session will consist of informal presentations on cave diving equipment and techniques.

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Session Moderator

Mark Wenner

Cave Diver

Call For Abstracts:

Opens: Thursday, May 20, 2021
Closes: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Session Moderators:

Mark Wenner
Email: mw@karstterrain.com


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Student Scientists:

The James G. Mitchell Fund was established in 1965 and is maintained by contributions to the National Speleological Foundation. This award includes a cash award for the best scientific paper presented at the NSS Convention by a student member (or members) of the society. Eligible papers shall be judged by an interdisciplinary panel appointed by the Mitchell Award sub-committee chair. For consideration, contact sub-committee chair, Dr. Kathy Lavoie at award-mitchell@caves.org.