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Photo: Greg Roemer-Baer, NSS

Conservation & Management

Cave Conservation

What's so important about caves? Caves are home, habitat, and haven for a surprising abundance of fragile resources. Resources found within compose a subterranean world of fragile life, rare habitat, and exceptional speleothems (cave formations). These special under-Earth realms, both visible and microscopic, have evolved and formed over time, protected within the walls of caves. These underground environments serve as archival vaults, protecting natural and cultural history.

Uniformed visitors can easily damage cave passages and irreplaceable spleen resources! Learn to cave safely and softly. Avoid making unnecessary impacts. Join us in discovering new ways to conserve caves and karst.

This session will include talks abut cave and karst conservation and management, minimum impact-science based decisions, stewardship, karst aquifer watershed protection, spelean habitat ecosystem findings, updates on bat studies, clean-caving ethics and low impact caving methods.

Also included are White Nose Syndrome decontamination systems and advancements in cave restoration and speleothem repair.

Session Details

Session Moderator

Val Hildreth-Werker

NSS Conservation Division

Call For Abstracts:

Opens: Monday, March 1, 2021
Closes: Saturday, May 1, 2021
Notifications of Acceptance: Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Session Moderators:

Val Hildreth-Werker
Email: valhildrethwerker@caves.org


How to write an abstract

Online Abstract Submissions:

Link will be available here after the call for abstract submission date. Check back.

Student Scientists:

The James G. Mitchell Fund was established in 1965 and is maintained by contributions to the National Speleological Foundation. This award includes a cash award for the best scientific paper presented at the NSS Convention by a student member (or members) of the society. Eligible papers shall be judged by an interdisciplinary panel appointed by the Mitchell Award sub-committee chair. For consideration, contact sub-committee chair, Dr. Kathy Lavoie at award-mitchell@caves.org.