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Photo: Joel Despain, NSS

Caves of the Cascades & Klamaths

The complex geologic forces in northern California have created a region with exceptionally complicated and challenging topography. On the west, the coastal mountain ranges run along the Pacific from the Oregon boundary to Marin County. The state's northern boundary runs through the Klamath and Cascade Mountains and the Modoc Plateau.

Throughout the entire region, cave development may be fund in sea caves, sedimentary formations, and, of course, lava deposits.

This session will be a forum for all things caving-related in the featured area of this convention.

Session Details

Workshop Leader

Carol Vesely

Southern California Grotto, NSS

Call For Abstracts:

Opens: Monday, March 1, 2021
Closes: Saturday, May 1, 2021
Notifications of Acceptance: Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Session Moderators:

Carol Vesely
Email: cavesely@gmail.com


How to write an abstract

Online Abstract Submissions:

Link will be available here after the call for abstract submission date. Check back.

Student Scientists:

The James G. Mitchell Fund was established in 1965 and is maintained by contributions to the National Speleological Foundation. This award includes a cash award for the best scientific paper presented at the NSS Convention by a student member (or members) of the society. Eligible papers shall be judged by an interdisciplinary panel appointed by the Mitchell Award sub-committee chair. For consideration, contact sub-committee chair, Dr. Kathy Lavoie at award-mitchell@caves.org.