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BoG & CoG Meetings

The Board of Governors and the Congress of Grottos serve as management and advisory organizations of the National Speleological Society. These important groups hold annual meetings at the society's conventions. Unless otherwise specified, these meetings are open to all members of the society.

Exact dates and room locations of these meetings are still tentative and will be posted here as we get closer to the convention dates.

Monday, June 28

Board of Governors

Convention week always kicks off with a day-long meeting of the society's board of governors. The morning segment of this meeting is open to all members. Following a lunch break, the afternoon session is typically closed for internal business discussions.

Thursday, July 1

Congress of Grottos

The Congress of Grottos (COG) is an advisory body that meets yearly at the NSS Convention where representatives of NSS Internal Organizations (IOs) discuss and vote on issues of concern to the IOs and NSS members. The congress reports to the society's president who is responsible for bringing resolutions passed by the congress to the NSS Board of Governors.

Representation in the congress is based on the number of NSS members claiming primary affiliation with the IO as recorded in the NSS membership database. Unaffiliated NSS members may form an ad-hoc group to be represented at the COG meeting. Issues are solicited from IOs and from all NSS members. Thus, the range of subjects is limited only by the interests of members.

Issues for the 2021 agenda must be submitted to the COG chair at cog@caves.org until March 15th, 2021 to allow time for them to be circulated to NSS Internal Organizations. Issues may also be introduced during the congress following discussion of items submitted by the Call for Issues deadline.

Friday, July 2

Board of Governors

The final day of convention includes open and closed meetings of the society's board of governors as necessary.

NSS Congress of Grottos - archive photo