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City arch in Weed, CA

Constable William Felkner

  • Compliments of the Weed Historic Lumbertown Museum

Constable William Felkner was the third lawman in Weed. He served from 1924 until 1934.

During the prohibition years of the 1920s there was a lot of bootlegging going on all over town. Constable Felkner had a unique way of letting all the saloon keepers know when he got word that the "Feds" were coming to town. He didn't have time to go into every saloon to warn each one of the bartenders about the "Feds" so he would put on a red sweater or coat (depending on the season) and walk up and down the street until the "Feds" left town.

Then Constable Felkner could be seen wearing a green sweater as the "all clear" sign.

Weed, CA. Circa 1920