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City arch in Weed, CA

The Weed Arch

  • By Vaune V. Dillmann
Original Weed Arch

The first Weed Arch, built in 1922 by a contractor, Mr. Condry, out of railroad steel. It was torn down in 1963 and rebuilt in 1988. Photo courtesy of the Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum.

A brass dedication plaque embossed in the eastern column of the arch has the following inscription:

"To the City of Weed from the People of Its Community: The arch is the strongest form of architecture known to man. This steel arch replaces the original concrete arch first erected on this site, 1922. Due to the lack of maintenance, over the years, surface cracks appeared. Because there were no blueprints of its design, the City felt it was unsafe. The arch was torn down in 1963. It took over three weeks to remove by torch as the arch was structurally built with steel railroad track throughout! This landmark is our community's commitment in welcoming those who visit our area and establishes a physical symbol of pride. Humanity and camaraderie best identify those individuals, groups, service clubs and businesses who unselfishly donated and erected this monument December 25, 1988."

With the closure of the lumber mill, the City of Weed was devastated. The company had been the bread and butter of this rural community from its beginning. In order to provide support for the town and build pride toward the future, a group of citizens began fundraisers to give Weed a landmark and rebuild the arch that had been torn down. This monument was started in 1981 as a private tribute to the memory of Carl Phelps, a pioneer businessperson of Weed who was responsible for the building of the first arch in 1922.