NSS Convention ~ July 25-30, 2021

Free Grotto Programs

Not sure about you, but we're all getting pretty tired of virtual knot-tying practices over a Zoom channel! Although there's light at this end of this borehole, we're probably still stuck in our "virtual reality" for a couple more months.

The 2021 convention team would like to offer you these free programs you may include in your upcoming grotto meetings. If you'd like something a bit more personal, we also have a team that will deliver a slide show on the lava tube caves of northern California. Just e-mail us at nss2021@caves.org to set something up!

Online: Crystal Ice Cave

This 9-minute video delivers an amazing perspective of the natural ice caves in morthern California and their susecptibility to the effects of climate change. Crystal Ice Cave is featured in this video along with cavers from the National Park Service, the NSS, and the Cave Research Foundation. You can explore the monument in more detail here.

Online: Geology of the Klamath Mountains

On June 18, 2020, Siskiyou Land Trust hosted an online webinar with geologist Bill Hirt exploring the geology of the Klamath Mountains. The video is 70 minutes long - 5 minute introduction by SLT's executive director Renee Casterline, 45 minutes for Dr. Hirt's presentation, then an additional 20 minutes answering questions that were posted during the talk.

Online: Lava Beds National Monument

This 12-minute video clip gives a wonderful overview of the geology and natural features of Lava Beds National Monument in northern California. At last count, the monument contained over 850 caves.

Online: The Modoc War

The Modoc War, or the Modoc Campaign (also known as the Lava Beds War), was an armed conflict between the Native American Modoc people and the United States Army in northeastern California and southeastern Oregon from 1872 to 1873.

Kintpuash, also known as Captain Jack, successfully defended his band of 52 Indians in an area of the lava beds on the south shore of Tule Lake. Today it is called Captain Jack's Stronghold. The Modoc took advantage of the lava ridges, cracks, depressions, and caves, all such natural features being ideal from the standpoint of defense.