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Tall Tales Of Caving

New to the 2021 NSS Convention, we will host a caver storytelling contest. The past two years this has been done at the Texas Caver Reunion to great renown. Tell your best non-fiction tale. There will be a five minute limit and each contestant will get to tell only one tale. A panel of judges will score and decide on a winner and a runner up. Prizes will be awarded. Tales told will be video recorded for all to see whenever. Should be fun.

Session Details

Session Leader

Bill Steele

Texas Cavers Reunion, National Speleological Society


This session may impose a limit on participants depending on how many people sign up. Once a limit is reached, a wait-list will be established.

Session Contact:

Bill Steele, Esq.
Email: speleosteele@aol.com


Please e-mail Bill Steele if you wish to tell your story!